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blogging - message in a bottle

Message in a blog

Sometimes I train in English. So slowly we are having the online manual translated in English. The first and most extensive chapter is about Weblogs. Find it on the Websavvy Wiki.

Content of the chapter Weblogs

  • Weblogs: intelligent, simple and usually free websites
  • What is a weblog?
  • Why a weblog?
  • When is a weblog ‘the smart option’?
  • Who would not benefit from having a weblog?
  • What is the smart and effective way of blogging?
  • Common mistakes include:
  • Before you start blogging:
  • Setting up a weblog: selecting a platform
  • Directions for use
  • WARNING: What you should never do!
  • Your own domain name
  • Blogging – how do you do it?
  • Designing weblog layout
  • Good blogging
  • What should you write about?
  • A handy trick
  • Finding the time
  • Responding to feedback
  • Unpleasant responses on your weblog
  • How do you encourage a lot of responses?
  • Promoting your weblog

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